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Our Synergy method provides you with the opportunity to speak Spanish. If the path is made by walking, talking learns talking!


From our headquarters in Vigo we are at the service of over a hundred prestigious organisations: major international companies and Spanish and European government agencies based in Spain. Our cooperation agreements with leading international universities and secondary schools enable us to provide immersion and exchange courses in as well as official examinations for groups.

From absolute beginner to bilingual speaker – without memorising or studying long hours alone – you learn by participating and speaking in interactive, entertaining sessions with small groups and native teachers who will make your experience a journey to enjoy.

And above all: if you want to learn about life in the real Spain, if you want to learn Spanish and have fun, if you want to learn among friends, if you are looking for a school with a wide range of courses and excellent academic level, come to Vigo.

If you really want to LEARN SPANISH IN SPAIN, come and meet us!


Our permanent headquarters in Vigo (Galicia) is devoted to training in European (Portuguese, German, Italian, English, French,…) and Asian languages (Chinese) and Spanish as a foreign language (ELE) plus specialised programmes in communicative and cultural competence in a target language.

Our goal is to help students not only to develop their language skills but also to speak the language, think about its cultural roots and communicate effectively through integrated, autonomous practice in the situations to which their real professional and personal life exposes them.

Our secret is to maintain extremely high standards of training quality subjected to continuous review and a carefully selected, highly committed team of qualified trainers who only teach their native language.

The Vigo centre is equipped with all the facilities required to maximise the training benefits and keep students highly motivated. Spacious, warm and functional, it harnesses natural light and state-of-the-art technical and educational equipment.

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